Dil Pardesi Ho Gaya

patriotic love story

Starring : Introducing Kapil Jhaveri, Saloni Aswani supported by Amrish Puri, Ashutosh Rana, Mukesh Rishi, Prem Chopra, Raza Murad, Mushtaq Khan, and Navni Parihar

  Director: Saawan Kumar 

Music: Usha Khanna

ReViewed by  Akshay Shah


 Saawan Kumaar returns to the fore with his latest directional venture.....yet again a love story starring new comers and this time round he has taken the fresh topic of India/Pakistan and moulded a love story around that....the results are dull and drab and the love story fails to touch the viewer.


The film revolves around a young, brave indian army officer Ram(Ashutosh Rana) who is kidnapped by terrorists and taken to Paskitan. The officers younger adopted brother Salman (Kapil Jhaveri) crosses the border to rescue his brother. In Pakistan he encounters a beautiful girl called Rukhsar(Saloni Aswani) and falls in love with her.

When Salman reveals to Rukhsar who he really is...this shocks Rukhsar... 

Rukhsars father (Amrish Puri) , is a honest brigdaier in a Pakistan army and is a man of morals and principles. Salmans brother ram is in his army prison but a muslim extremeist (Mukesh Rishi) and a fundamentalist (Prem Chopra) both want Brigdaier to hand Ram over so they can kill him off themselves..

 Now the love and affection for his daughter clashes with his ideals, morals and the love for his country....the decision he makes forms the crux of the movie.

 The idea of the story is novel and reminds of of HENNA and GADAR amongst other movies yet lacks the hammerstrong impact or the sensitivity of both those films.

 The screenplay is abound in loopholes and cliches and one can predict whats going to happen in the next scene upto the  climax. The climax catches the viewer unaware and fails to make any sense at all. It is insanely absurd and pathetic!

 As a director Saawan Kumaar has definetly lost his touch! He ranks alongside Feroz Khan and Manoj Kumaar as a director who has now lost his sense of direction. His SAAJAN BINA SUHAGAN, SOUTEN KI BETI, SANAM BEWAFFA and even SALMA PE DIL AAGAYA were decent films with commendable stories and performance but here he is completely out of sync. He tries hard to make a film which instead of stirring emotions of hatred between the 2 countries speaks of peace and harmony.....although his intentions are novel his attempt at directing it is not-so-novel and lacks a sense of direction! One doesn't understand if Saawan Kumaar is trying to make a love story of a political film as the film lacks focus...only in the confrontation scenes is Saawan Kumaar in form.

 Dialogues by Shyam Gupta are the best thing about the entire movie. The dialogues are well written, hard hitting at times while at others they make the viewer think. Although the dialogues shared by the 2 lovers are cliched, the india/pakistan one have been excellent written. 

In terms of performance Kapil Jhaveri and Saloni Aswani make HORRIBLE debuts! They cannot act for sh!t and  should stay away from bollywood.

 Kapil Jhaveri may have the good looks to be a model, but in terms of acting this boy is more wooden then a tree. His dialogue delivery is flat and he delivers line after line in a monotone fashion....lets hope this is the last we see of him. 

Saloni Aswani is just as worse. No doubt she is very pretty but she doesnt have what it takes to be an actress. She also goes through her lines in the most dead manner with injecting any passion or emotions in her voice or dialogues and her face is expressionless.

 The supporting cast is apt in their role.

 Amrish Puri gives a surprisingly bad performance here. he mumbles his lines in places and in others he shouts unecessary. He certainly looks the part he plays..but thats about it. Prem Chopra on the other hand gives a convincing performance.....his getup is very realistic and ditto for the dialogues he speaks.

 Mukesh Rishi is also good in his role....he has played a role of this nature before. Ashutosh Rana is OK in his role. he is capable of much more. Mushtaq Khan leaves a mark in a small role.

 Usha Khannas music is good although song after song hinders with the films pace.EK PASKITANI CHEHRA, TU KAUN KAHAN SE AAYA, and MERA SONA SAJJAN GHAR AAYA are easy on the ears.

Technically the film is OK. Harmeet Singhs cinemagraphy is capturing and he captures the mood and ambience of the film extremely well. One actually feels that the story is set in pakistan.

All up DIL PARDESI HO GAYA is a film that should be given a miss! Even on those rainy days and those who enjoy the genre will be better off finding another film to keep themselves entertain since DPHG doesn't have much in terms of entertainment value. 

3 outta 10


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