Do Kadam Chalke Dekho


Starring Sushmita Sen,  Rahul Khanna

Directed by M.F.Hussain               Music by A.R.Rahman


Looks like M.F.Hussain has got over his Madhuri craze once and for all.  For this artist, known more for his 'Madhuri obsession' rather than his paintings, finally seems to have learnt his lesson after his debut as director met with disastrous results in the form of a very forgettable GAJA GAMINI.

But the man does not think that there is no reason for him to continue. So he has already announced his next project DO KADAM CHALKE DEKHO, and this one shall star Sushmita Sen and Rahul Khanna to begin with.

But that is not all! Hussain saab has gone a step ahead and even signed on A.R. Rahman to provide with the score. And he will only start shooting the film, once  the entire songs and scores have been recorded.

With reports around so far about the theme of the movie, it is said that it will be shot in Jaisalmer, Hyderabad and Prague. While Hussain shall look into the water shortage problem at Jaisalmer, and the growing problems of urbanism in Hyderabad, it is the international arms dealing that we shall deal with in Prague.

Now how are these three issues inter-connected, you may ask? Well, looks like only Hussain saab has the answer to that!

Well, one can look at it this way. Even if the movie turns out to be senseless like GAJAGAMINI, we can atleast hope some good music shall be offered by Rahman!