Starring Om Puri, Revathi, Sanjay Suri, Gul Panag, Yashpal Sharma, Ganesh Yadav, Gopi Desai and Virendra Saxena

Direction : Ashwini Chaudhary 

Music: Lalit Sen

ReViewed by  Akshay Shah


  DHOOP is yet another movie based around the Kargil-but if you think it is a war movie or expecting one by any means then wait till LINE OF CONTROL! If you want to watch one of the years most emotionally drenching, hard hitting and intelligent films then give DHOOP a watch for sure. Although the movie may not be everyones cup of tea it is no doubt that DHOOP is a movie that deserves accolades and is hands down one of the best films of the year.

 The film revolves around Suresh Kapoor (Om Puri) who is a college professor in International Busness. His wife (Revathi) is a librarian and their only son Rohit Kapoor(Sanjay Suri) is a officer in the Indian Army. When the Kargil war breaks out Rohit is called upon to take a do-or-die mission in which he loses his life.

 The news shatters the family  and Rohits fiance (Gul Panag) who start living in a shell of sorts and arent able to cope with the shock and loss of their son. The world collapses for the husband and wife as they live their lives like robots untill one day a letter arrives in the mail.....

 The letter is from the Home Ministry informing that the government has alloted the family a petrol pump in acknowledgement for their sons services.

After some initial hiccups the couple decide to keep their sons memory alive by getting the petrom pump up and running....but what seemed like something easy on paper turns out to be much harder than they though.

 What follows next is a long and exhausting battle against different departments of a corrupt system to get the petrol pump up and running. How they finally succeed in achieving their dreams forms the crux of the story.


The story of the movie is inspired by a real life incident and the film has been treated in a similar manner.

The screenplay of the movie is balanced and well layed out and the film moves on a single track without any other unecessary subplots.

 As a director Ashiwni Chaudhury surely knows his mettle. One must give him credit for choosing such a unusual yet  topical subject and handling the entire scene with utmost sincerity, respect and conviction. His portrayl of what a family goes through after someone close is lost in war is absolutely brilliant and will being tears to the viewers eyes. He executes the emotional sequences like a veteran expertise and deserves fullmarks.

Sadly Chaudhury does falter a bit in the second half of the movie as the fim tends to drag a bit and the pace of the movie slackens a lot. Nevertheless Ashwini Chaudhury must be given a pat on his back for attempting a  movie like DHOOP which is rarely seen these days and reminds one of the kind of intelligent cinema that Gulzar used to treat us to!

 A movie of this nature is completely performance oriented and the movie doesn't disapoint here!

 Om Puri as Suresh Kapoor gives one of the years best performances right up there with Nasseridian Shah in 3 WALLS, Amitabh Bachchan in BAGHBAN and Hritik in KOI MIL GAYA. His performance is one that will move the viewer completely from the first frame and Puri does full justice to his role. He goes through the various shades of his role with aplomb and there is no doubt that Om Puri is one of the best actors we have in India today. His scenes in the latter half when he is fighting against a corrupt system is simply fantastic and his dialogue delivery impeccable as are his emotional scene in the first half.

 Revathi as the heartbroken mother is also wonderful. No doubt she is one talented lady and the role she has been given here does full justice to her talent. Her emotional sequences are heartwrenching and she is just superb be it her facial expressions, body language or dialogues.

 Sanjay Suri in a cameo appearence plays his role well. He looks fresh and enacts his part ably. Debutant Gul Panag springs a surprise and turns out to be the most talented debut from a model turned actress i have seen. She is absolutely natural on screen and acts her part with comfort and ease. Although her looks arent conventional she is still very pretty and with the right projects could come up.

The supporting cast do theur part able. Yashpal Sharma and Ganesh Yadav enact their roles of corrupt members of the system with elan.

 Another factor of the movie which deserves a special mention are the dialogues! The dialogues in the movie are though provoking, hard hitting and intelligent all in one and they perfectly compliment the ambience of the movie.

 Lalit Sens music is soft and lilting although one feels that the songs in the movie interfere with the films pace and are completely unwanted.

 Technically the film is as expected and OK in most departments.

 All up DHOOP is a movie that is not everyones cup of tea. The film surely doesn't entertain but is informs  and engrosses the viewer from begining till end. For those who love serious, intelligent cinema DHOOP is a must-see and for others give DHOOP a watch just to see one of the best actors we have-Om Puri deliver a smashing performance!!!

8.7 outta 10  


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