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Starring  Tushhar Kapoor, Kunal Khemu, Sharman Joshi, Rajpal Yadav, Tanushree dutta, Payal , Arbaaz Khan

Directed by Priyadarshan

Music by Pritam

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So while Priyadarshan hopes that his Akshay starrer BHOOL BHULAIYA will do the blockbuster magic, he is already having his other flick DHOL ready to bajao at the theatres this month.

DHOL is an out and out comedy flick inspired or should I say, ripped from the Malayalam original IN HARIHAR NAGAR. The original flick was an instant hit at a times when comedies were not in fact doing that well, and though inspired of a fairly weak second half, the comic moments in the flick were so outrageously funny, that it is still remembered to be one of the finest comic flicks.

The characters and their insane antics are still memorable to this day and it had a wonderful combination of actors to really pull it through.

So what does Priyadarshan do...well he takes in rather wooden actors and hope that they can do the magic.

Thushar Kapoor always fares well in an ensemble cast thought we all know in a standalone flick, his non acting stands all alone and sticks out.

Kunal Khemu has stuck his fingers in more serious works. So we still havent exactly seen how he can pull out such a comic role.

But I guess it is not all that bad. Because two of the best roles are in safe hands. That is the hands of Sharmaan Joshi and Rajpal Yadav. Though Rajpal Yadav sticks out from the crowd looking the more older among the lot of youngsters, it is important that his talents do the role justice.


Sameer, Pankaj, Markand and Gautam aka Goatee are good friends who literally are enjoying the bachelor life. So how else to spent their leisure time more usefully than trying to woo the new girl in the neighbourhood - Kanchan (tanushree Dutt). Soon the friends try to outdo each other in eventually trying to win her attention.

Soon they realise that Kanchan is here with a different objective. And so the friends decide to come to her aid hoping that it shall be the easiest way to get close to her.

But little do they know that what they are stepping into is dangerous zones. For that brings in a murder, killers, secrets and total chaos.


Yes, Priyadarshan has all the elements for his regular style chaotic finale, but like I said, its all out fun as we get there. However Priyan has this thing about complicating things by tweaking the storyline with some other flicks. The result of such mix ups is the disappointing BHAGAM BHAG. What therefore we get is two contrasting halves. Hope the director has learnt his lesson.

Music from Pritam is so-so with the songs failing to make an initial impact. Hopefully the movie's release might change the fortune.

Priyadarshan is out with another mad-house comedy. Catch this one for Priyan is running out of good comedies to remake!




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