Arjun Rampal, Diya mirza, Vinod Khanna, Om Puri

Directed by Ashu Trikha

Music by Aadesh Srivastav 

One can do nothing but sit behind and wonder why a producer like Vashu Bhagnani would make a movie like DEEWANAPAN

Well I asked the same question when the man came up with MUJHE KUCCH KEHNA HAI, but I was proved wrong when his publicity stunts paid off and the movie went on to become a hit despite it’s dumb storyline. And now even this movie has taken the best opening amont the Diwali releases!

Obviously Bhagnani wants to introduce new faces. That’s a good thing but he must also ensure that he gets a good script for that.  But as long as he takes such third-rate storylines and make movies with it, it is not gonna serve any prupose, not to the stars, the directors, or anyone involved.

Kiran (Diya Mirza) lands in the hill station town of Dalhousie for a picnic and it is here the local guy Suraj (Arjun Rampal) falls for her.
The guy follows her back to Mumbai and Suraj manages to win the heart of Kiran.

But things go wrong with the entry of the gal's dad. An influential and wealthy man, Ranvir Choudhary (Vinod Khanna) who can't digest a fact that a local small-town guy is romancing around with his only daughter. So he warns Suraj to leave town in thirty days, while Suraj is confident that Ranvir will change his opinion at the end of this period.

So Ranvir tries every trick on the book to get rid ofthe guy which even means getting Suraj's father in prison under a false charge. Meanwhile we have a flurry of songs and fights.

All this while, Kiran have no idea that some challenge like this is happening behind her back. And when she does find out, she sticks by her lover.

And then the big has a showdown with Suraj, takes the gun,threatens to pull the trigger! And then pappa dear feels the guilt and changes his heart.

A story line that Bollywood has ever since it started film making, and two lead roles played by models who still is struggling to makie it as actors, and then veterans like Vinod Khanna And Om Puri being absolutely wasted in their roles as "papas". 
Need one say anything more about how the movie has shaped up to be?


POSITIVE: 0         MIXED: 1     NEGATIVE: 8 

It's quite a pathetic show right from the first frame. Ashu Trikha makes his directorial debut with this film, but he has a long way to go.The film's saving grace is Arjun Rampal. 

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The sequences in the second half, although predictable, are well executed and keep the viewer's interest alive. 
DEEWAANAPAN is an entertaining love story that should find appeal mainly from the youth. If typical 'masala' flicks is what you are looking for, this one is for you! 

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Deewaanapan should have been titled Mindless in Mumbai. That's indeed the kahani, honey! Heed our warning: give Deewaanapan a miss if you value your sanity one bit. 

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Deewaanapan is devoid of any of sensibility or plausibilty. Instead it is so boring that even keeping your eyes open is a Herculean effort. Words from wise: Don't even think about watching Deewaanapan. 

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Director Ashu Trikha needs to gear up a bit if he really dreams of making a new film. If Deewanapan is anything to go by, the man is in severe need of a lethal dose of reality. There is only so much ‘deewanapan’ today’s audiences can take. Give this one a miss. You won’t lose a wink of sleep over it.

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There is little method in this madness, yet it might appeal to viewers who are looking for some fresh faces, romance and action in their lives. All in all, venture into this Deewanapan only if you have nothing more exciting to do this Diwali. 
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Don’t watch this one even if some one offers you money for it!

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Wait for video if you must watch this movie, otherwise you might go as crazy as the cast and crew who made this film with such false conviction! 
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 Debutant director Ashu Trikha should think twice before making a film again.
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