Dhai akshar prem ke


Starring  Abishek Bhachan, Aishwarya Rai, Sonali Bendre
Directed by Raj Kanwar

Music by     Jatin-Lalit


If Dhai Akshar Prem Ke is what is expected to be Abishek's career saving movie, I think he simply will have to wait much longer for that. 

For this movie is certainly not going to prove any better than his earlier releases like Refugee and Tera Jadoo chal Gaya.

To begin with the very essence of a movie, the storyline, itself has nothing new to offer. It is very much like that of say Kunwara or rather the Keanu Reeves starrer A Walk In the Clouds. This version has a punjabi kudi Sahiba (Aishwarya) being forced to marry someone of her parrent's choice while she simply wants to carry on with her college. Unable to cope with all the problems in her life, she almost commits suicide, but that is where our man walks in and saves her. Our man is an Army Colonel Karan Khanna (Abishek) who is on his way back home on leave to meet his love, played by Sonali.

Now KAran and Sahiba gets talking and before you know it, they are sharing their woes. Karan goes with Sahiba to drop her home but here her family members take Karan to be Sahiba's husband, becuase Sahiba earlier had phoned them informing them jokingly that she was getting married to someone of her choice.

However, Karan Khanna, knowing exactly what Sahiba;s problems in life are, plays along, and he soon becomes the darling of the family. However, love soon blooms between Sahiba and Karan. The rest, as anyone can see. is purely predictable stuff. The family coming to know about the truth about things, and the love triangle being sorted out.

Veterans like Amrish Puri and Anupam Kher give apt support to the rustic talents of the lead pair. Aishwarya has yet another one of those damsel in distress roles and she plays it the usual way with nothing fresh about the character. Sonali, despite the looks and talent, is wasted in a blink-and-miss role.

Now Abishek might actually gain a bit from the role for he shows that he is improving and promises to come good with every other release. 

However, for the time being DAPK is nothing more than Flop No.3 to his list. But his dancing abilities and dialogue delivery has certainly improved. It is sad to see every director just trying to extract an Amitabh-performance from Abishek. It would be better if the directors kept in mind that Abishek is a totally different man and give him roles accordingly. Even in this, though for name sake he is a Colonel, he still plays a usual lover boy role with no complex shades.

Jatin-Lalit's music is simply disappointing judging by the talents we know them for. Even the attempt of good cinematography fails to make any of the songs sizzle.

But what is the most disappointing factor of ti all is Raj Kanwar's direction. He seems to be lost and confused through the movie. And disgustingly, Kanwar puts the male lead amidst the family members hoping to create some magic and woo the family audiences. He tried the same DDLJ-style in his earlier Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega and he tries it her again. One badly wishes that Bollywood directors would try to forget the five year old DDLJ and try to give the viewers something new rather that the same thing again and again.

Nothing but disappointing to see some of the best talents and effort joining hands to give us a movie that has absolutely nothing new or novel to offer, except for a rather improving Bhachan Junior.



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