action drama

Starring Arjun Rampal, Priyanka Chopra, Naseruddhin Shah, Sharat Saxena, Milind Gunaji, Mukesh Rishi

Direction : Rajiv Rai

Music: Viju Shah


      reviewed by Jox

So in one words watching this movie is nothing short of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. Initially when this term became quite famous, I used to wonder why the title never made sense. But it took this Bollywood to get the real meaning of 'Mission Impossible' into my head.

This film should have one of those statutory warnings ahead of it. This insulting piece to everything political starting from India, Pakistan, Kashmir Issue, the American stance at world politics is the worst way to handle a sensitive subject. Just look at the mess they carved out of a so-called Indian Embassy.

The to-be-heard-to-be-believed story kicks off with the Indian President landing in Switzerland for a quiet holiday with his daughter, only to be kidnapped by a group of international criminals headed by Mabros (Shahwar Ali), Now the Hamas terrorists (led by Mukesh Rishi) and the Pakitan Military officers (Milind Gunaji & Co.) are on their way to Swiss frontiers to get the president from the Mabros in return for a huge amount of moolah.

So they transfer the money in the form of drugs which they sell it to a Swiss based businessman Sam Hans (naserudhin Shah) and his brother Brian (Tom Alter), thus generating the required $50 million.

IT is at this point that the Indian army gets a little bit of info regarding some danger to the president and thererfore sends an Indian Army Captain Aadit Arya (Arjun Ramphal) to go undercover on a mission which they call "Asambhav".

And meanwhile while Captain Aadit is down in Switzerland he also comes across an aspiring singer Alisha (Priyanka Chopra) who seems to hold the key to unravelling this big conspiracy that seems to be doing the rounds. 


Arjun Rampal really looked like a cameo of sorts with him appearing at every other third scene only to just run around and mouth one liners that are hardly remarkable or memorable. Unfortunate to see his otherwise decent talents go wasted in a movie and a role that had nothing redeeming. What really is unfortunate is the fact that he opted for this movie over Farhan Akhtar's LAKSHYA.

Priyanka Chopra is hardly a heroine to reckon with and with this flick she gets yet another role that will be forgotten as soon as you get up from the seats after the screening. 

The supporting cast of Milind Gunaji, Sharath Saxena,Yashpal Sharma, Mukesh Rishi are all wasted in roles that are nothing short of plain silly caricatures.

The only reason why one should even sit through this movie then remains Nasserudin Shah. This man was class all through out, and it is sad that this time a powerful Nasser role is going to go unnoticed unlike his earlier Rajiv Rai tieupss. The character and dialogues and everything Naserudhin-associated stood out far superior from everything else that it just stuck out.

Music from Viju Shah is also at a disappointing best with only the 'Goliyan' track bringing any kind of excitement into the film.

Otherwise the story, dialogues, screenplay all were atrocious enough to make this movie shoot up to the top of the  'How Not to Make A Movie' charts. Rajiv Rai and Naeem Sha have nothing to be proud of their writing abilities, and this makes the most mediocre of Hollywood action flicks look like a stunner when compared to what they gave us. These are the times when one preferred the director lifting a "hollywood action flick' rather than give us this mess. 

The makers have got it all wrong and one of the biggest defectors should be the cinematography headed by Sukumar Jatania. Panel screen splitting like the one we saw in HULK was a welcome change to the usual way of story telling but this movie gives us a perfect example of how overuse of a technology can ruin things. The director have gone overboard with the panel editing. Actually, overboard isnt the word I am looking over here!

It is certainly hard to believe that this movie was made by a director like Rajiv Rai who has come up with some of the most successful of action flicks like Tridev, Vishwatmaa, Mohra and Gupt. Obviously him going the romantic way with 'Pyar Ishq Aur Mohabbat' was a big mistake and now his return to the action genre is a big dud of an event. 

I shall make it simple and easy for you this week...watching this movie is absolutely an ASAMBHAV feat!


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