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Berlin Film Fest honours KARUNAM

Jayaraj directed Malayalam movie KARUNAM was certainly the much-talked about movie in the film circles last year as it won one award after another, and being featured in festivals after another.

And it also managed to claim yet another award for itself by winning the DON QUIXOTE award at the recently concluded 51st Berlin Film festival.

Atleast something honorable for the Indian Film Industry!!



A story about an illiterate woman who rises to become one fine day as the Chief Minister, thanks to her husband.

Now this story certainly seems to be heading into our Rabri Devi territories. But this also happens to be the storyline for Kalpana Lajmi's next female-oriented subject. Her last movie, DAMAN, is ready for release! 

And guess what? The woman of substance shall be portrayed by Karisma Kapoor. And though talks are on with many of the leading male stars to essay the role of the husband, which obviously will have shades of Laloo Prasad, and last heard both Govinda and Sunil Shetty has refused to do the role.

But now looks like that will be played by hunky man, Rahul Dev!



Subash Ghai has started it all with his TAAL that was probably one of the first movies to have been insured. 

But now that is old news. Because every other big budget movie these days are following the Ghai's business tactics. Ghai has already gone ahead and insured his next movie YAADEIN. Shahrukh's ASHOKA and Aamir's LAGAAN have also been insured. 

The latest now is Karan Johar's KABHI KUSHI KABHI GHAM which starts the trio of superstars - Amitabh, Shahrukh and Hrithik.

Now the insured amount of all these movies are in crores so why even bother discussing about it all, eh?



Amitabh Bachchan is once again in the news. And this time its not a wax model, catwalking, KBC or even acting. Big B is trying his hand at singing!

Well he is already toying with an item number in his forthcoming KABHI KUSHI KABHI GHUM. And he also recently recorded a song with popstar Remo Fernades in an upcoming movie titled ALL THE BEST where Jatin Lalit is scoring the music and the co-stars will be Akshay Kumar, Arjun Ramphal and Sushmita Sen. 


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